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@finn Me, when scrolling through the photos: "what's the big deal it doesn't seem that bwhAT" this person is trying to put their life back together if you can donate five $10 to their cause it would be much appreciated

@finn your posts are epic, who could forget such classics like " t h e"

Demand from Tory MPs to scrap Covid rules 'could bring huge death toll' - these tories are such callous scum - profit over people's lives as ever

my parents are very much of the mindset that people wouldn't just go on the internet and lie

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a big mistake we made was giving my parents knowledge of the internet

@finn gonna get you a mug that says "#1 shitposting dog*

*as voted for by that one person i know on Mastodon"

I'm watching a Lifetime movie whose captions just transcribed "C-SPAN" as "Seaspan" and "home improvement shows" as "Herman Friedman shows"

Black incarcerated youth in need of commissary for clothing/food. They are being solely supported by their partner who requires funds for themselves, court fees/lawyer, and transportation. pls share and Don8!
Cshpp: $dagoattt300

Hi! My name is Alania Carr, I am a black trans woman who desperately needs help medically transitioning. I DO NOT HAVE SUPPORT WHATSOEVER. :

i wonder if people who followed me because of any one post realise that 95% of my posts are just garbage

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:bing: how to be awful to people without consequences
:bing: how to be unbanned from twitter
:bing: have sjws taken over the internet

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