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observing the cardinality of an infinite set of guys

type of guy who contains all guys that do not contain themselves

this has definitely already been said, but here we are

i wonder if is de-federated from any instance on their end

petition for the earth to be a dyson sphere so that timezones don't exist

computer, rss 

the one (1) good thing about wix is that all of their sites contain a blog-feed.xml file in the root directory, so you can subscribe to any wix website via rss

i speak english fluently, both the east coast and midwestern dialects

i wanted to post the holds up spork thing but it exceeds the default post limit, which is probably good

Don't let the flower seller commit arson. Only you can prevent florist fires

let me tell you about my forklift licence

Me, at the grocery store, remembering @RobinHood 's advice about canned goods: time to buy precisely three cans of Super Mario Bros. Spaghettios

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