many things are circuit breakers. building fires, for example.

submitting content to rym is much like submitting content to wikipedia in that you have to navigate the gauntlet of self-important little dictators

*incredibly 90s voice* more like packard hell

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ukpol, white centrism 

silly question i know but uh... you don't think the fact that tories being a fan of the opposition leader might be a sign that he's actually *not* a good opposition leader?

@MrControl love too experience invented problems!!!

@alva I'm 95% sure this is the plot of jurassic park

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@finn You wouldn't download any of various extinct mammals of the elephant family existing from the Miocene through the Pleistocene that are distinguished from the related mammoths chiefly by molar teeth with cone-shaped cusps.

unfortunately, as many of you already know, computers

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My Computer is dead. I had to spend loooot of unexpected money for that because it's my principle work tool.
As I need money af, I ask you to make me commissions that I will be able to honor when I'll get my new PC
My portfolio:

Please share, I need to work and make money!

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Bail & Legal Defense for Rural NC Trans Inmate

"'Jinx' has been in jail for nearly a month without bail after being harassed and targeted for her gender identity. She had a stable home and job until coworkers found out she had begun HRT. Her employer & landlord told her he objected to her "lifestyle and sexuality," then fired her and then staged a verbal altercation while she was coming home so he could call the police. Shortly after the arrest, eviction papers were filed in court, claiming she deserves to be homeless and unemployed simply because she was arrested."

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dogs have a little metal bone on their collar to show their name and address because bones is the food a dog eats. and for the same reason my driving license is shaped like a cream horn

*muckin about with the lads* and then i cranked my hog
*we all laugh, none of us know what that means*

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