@triz sometimes i need little a frozen grape, as a treat

hey y'all should watch this video about the CIA. mostly because youtube took it down almost immediately, and the creator got a visit from DHS about the "anti-american content" in the video.


@pastelpunkbandit awarding you masto-gold for this post good fedditor :blobcatjustright:

referring to fedi instances as subreddits from now on to piss off literally everyone

guess who put some wine in the freezer to "chill" and left it there :blobupsidedown:

ai generated horse 

@baerd what in god's name

ai generated horse 

@MxMatsuba finally a horse that can reverse

ai generated horse 

@finn I got this *maybe* 2 headed horse?

ai generated horse 

@alex i love shittlestsuck photos

covid appears to result in sufferers expelling swabs from their noses. these have to be removed by a trained professional.

@seasharp it was a surprise trade! didn't know who i would be sending it to

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