perfectionism? have you considered: never starting anything because you think it might not be perfect

also see: why i have no hobbies, why i have never created anything of worth

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also me: doesn't start things because i'm so tired i can barely stand

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@finn i thought about doing it, but there is a chance i'll start something anyway, so i better not even start.

@finn I have too much ego for that. instead, I begin too many everythings but never finish them because they're not perfect.

@finn starting is easy! finishing, on the other hand...

Perfect is the enemy of the good. Perfection is subjective. Optimal, on the other hand, can be defined empirically. Strive for optimal instead...

@finn related: having started so many things that you've never finished that your brain automatically shuts down any new ideas for possible things you could do, as if what makes doing things worthy is to finish them and not the fact that you do them at all. why are brains like this

@finn oh sure I could bake something, but it's better to think about baking until I pass an arbitrary time that I've convinced myself is the latest possible time to start baking

@Louisa i feel this so much. like i could cook a decent meal, but why do that when i could just have cereal three hours after i'd actually like to eat!!

@finn I have a friend who does that, except gets caught in loops where that's not good enough either


considered? why I perfected that particular maneuver, when

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