"i'm the only non-clown" i say, painting my face to look like a clown

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@finn i'm way too enthusiast to take any offense if there was some

@finn is this offering a "clean mini breakfast"

@Louisa i think it's truckers, as it's on a popular trucking route

@finn a trucker staying at the clown motel, now that's a movie

@finn hahaha, I’ve been there. It’s in the middle of the desert in Nevada, would never be able to find it on purpose. 😂

@finn I've never seen an exterior view during #CircusInPlace but I do believe this is where @RussSharek and @Avalon actually live

@msh @finn @Avalon

The imaginary management of #CircusInPlace will neither confirm, deny, or fix any broken ice machines relating to this rumor...

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