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unfortunately, as many of you already know, computers

For the past three years, ILLUMINATI-THEMED spambots have been posting in the comments of this one blog post of mine from 2013: firstchurchofspacejesus.blogsp

Just logged into linkedin for the first time in months and months. So disgusted by all the job postings involving AWS/Amazon/Google/etc etc etc that I wrote literally the first ever post I've made on linkedin.

Let's see how it's received...

I'm just so fucking annoyed by capitalism and by tech bros and by this unthinking pursuit of new and powerful technologies blah blah blah

If you're not helping people and fixing actual real problems in society then what's the fucking point??

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@rigatonimonster @deidara ‘inflatable christmas minion’ is such a cursed combination of words

has anybody put the incredibly cursed "patriette" in their bio yet

Tired: Vampires and Werewolves are at war

Wired: Vampires give Werewolves midnight walkies

gross, silly 

I presume a short, soft day in the cum mines would make ones clothes less crispy but that could just be my feeble mind recoiling at the obvious implications. 10/10 would laugh again

@finn after seeing a country fair in Anne of Green Gables last year, I wanted to start an instance based on the sign BIG VEGETABLES (

@finn i strive to have such energy that the horseshoe melts into a puddle on the welcome mat, burning an upside-down pentagram through it and onto the stoop

inviting somebody from fedi into my house and ignoring the horseshoe over the door glowing red and smoking

absolutely 100% that peter guy is fed up of huge marrow jokes

i would make them anyway

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i feel like fedi isn't ready for the wurzels

@kevinwhipwrecked @Thomas @finn 🎵 oh, what a beauty, I've never seen one as big as that before! Oh, what a beauty! It must be three feet long or even more! 🎵

Playing an FPS on a computer and worried you won't remember the keys? It's easy! Each key clearly stands for its function. Here's a handy guide:

W - Wforward
A - leftA
S - Sback
D - Dright
Spacebar - Jump (in to space)
E - Enter door
Q - Quit game
Left mouse click - Start > Power > Shutdown Computer
Right mouse click - Never ever used, do not try this

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