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unfortunately, as many of you already know, computers

@finn this is a greater loss than the time that rome fell and everyone stopped living in miniature colosseums

I just learned one of my friends can't pick up anything with her toes, and now I'm curious:

how well can *you* pick things up with your toes?

the human pet guy’s tumblr got deleted lmao

a great short story exploring the ethics of human brain simulation

you know what? fuck you *unbangs your bada boom*

What happens when you actually summon the old ones and you realize that, as with everything else, Lovecraft was just being super racist and the old ones are people Lovecraft had to deal with at a bodega once who are like one eighth Jewish at absolute maximum

the one computer desk i like and it's sold by wayfair. ugh.

enya but she's from bristol 


she's on the oregon trail AND she's got dysentery????? 😍😍😍

It's funny when US intelligence agencies and their various mouthpieces in the think-tank world dismiss critiques as "conspiracy theories" when their entire existence and bloated budgets depend on the most ridiculous overhyped threats (in other words: conspiracy theories) revolving around Russia, Islamic fundamentalism, and communism (tied in with the first, obviously)

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