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communo-communism, TWICE as communist

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unfortunately, as many of you already know, computers

@goat @souvlaki you do. see I can go propa london roadman bruv innit yeah fam, but you're always going to sound like "yes, my father works for quite an important company"

hot take but, goat has never done or said anything even remotely harmful to me ever

goat sells DLC for twice the price on the secondary market

british people are like "oy mate me mum made breakfast, some good old westchester cock and ball torture, really filling mate simply delicious"

goat while djing kept stringing the buildups of several 2010 classics together for three hours straight

instance admin thoughts, cw bad content 

believe it or not, i think instance admins should have an idea of what is going across their public timeline

and when i visit your instance and you're federating with multiple instances that post loli and gore and freeze peach garbage... that's a defed

its that simple

Privacy Foss Bro #6942: umh actuall,y, capitalism is cool because it gave us cool things, cant have cool things without capitalism

:souls_t:โ€‹:souls_h:โ€‹:souls_e:โ€‹ :souls_p:โ€‹:souls_i:โ€‹:souls_t:โ€‹:souls_o:โ€‹

and then, if you can believe it, my date left without culling my fustrum!

all the kids these days with their frustum culling. back in my day we just called it circumcision

person: [ignorant uneducated opinion]
me: haha yeah probably

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the great thing about sources and essays and books is that i remember precisely none of what i read

@finn "don't think that went well, but they said they'd keep my dick pick on file"

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